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LUMENS - Light & Electric Lumens Light & Electric is a innovative lighting that deals with exclusive lighting Solutions for Homes, Offices, Retail Spaces, Garden & Landscaps, industrial and street Lighting solutions for manufacturing and government sectors
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Lumens Light & Electric is a innovative lighting that deals with exclusive lighting Solutions for Homes, Offices, Retail Spaces, Garden & Landscaps, industrial and street Lighting solutions for manufacturing and government sectors

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3 Advantages of LED Lighting Technology vs OLED Illumination

It's not so easy to imagine that LED lighting technology, with its steady and secure market-dominating developments and possibilities, could possibly be one day overtaken by some new emerging trend.

Certainly it's not making it easier to imagine this because LED technology has provided one of the largest platform the world has seen yet, for sustainable, energy-saving innovations.

Recently however, the media has been impressed by a new emerging technology that has been promised to be even less energy-consuming, provide even brighter displays and produce more brightness compared to the LEDs. The name of this technology is organic light emitting diodes, commonly referred to as OLEDs, and they consist of thin films of organic molecules which are able to produce light when electricity is applied.

The question many have been asking themselves is what the emergence of OLED innovations means for the future of LED. Despite certain initial concerns for the brightness of LED's future, there are several reasons why OLED is unlikely to be a true competitor to LED lighting technology.

1. LED Technology is More Affordable

LED lighting is and will continue to be more affordable when compared to OLED technology. Whereas prices of LED lighting is steadily decreasing, making it more appealing for the consumers, OLED is expected to remain substantially more expensive:

The reason for the high cost of these organic light emitting diodes derive from the complex and pricy technological structures in both the encapsulation layer and the integrated substrates.

Although the market could alter from its status quo with time, it is highly unlikely that purchasing OLED technology will in future be cost-advantageous when compared with 'traditional' LED lights.

2. LED lighting is More Energy-Efficient

For many, a major reason for upgrading traditional lighting systems to LED lighting relates in some way to the incredible energy-efficiency that are the light-emitting diodes. It is because of the efficiency, extended lifetime and the eco-friendliness that defines LED lighting, that so many individuals, businesses and urban planners are happy to invest in this technology.

It is the efficiency that makes LEDs the leading market share of the lighting industry:

For this reason, it is highly doubtful that OLED lighting innovations even stand a chance against LEDs. With a much lower efficiency of 20-50lm per Watt, OLEDs fall far behind LEDs. In addition, OLEDs are much quicker to leave one in the dark when compared to the 50, 000 hours of lifetime of LED products.

With OLEDs, life expectancy is not a selling point and can barely impress at a mere 5, 000-15, 000 hours.

As mentioned earlier, LEDs are so popular for a very good reason - they decrease energy expenditures and they are a one-time investment. OLEDs don't really do either of those things nearly as well as LED lighting technology does it.

3. OLED a Design Innovation, Not a Technological Revolution

So, why are OLEDs even relevant to LED technology if they can't compete in the above points? Well, that's the thing: sometimes the Apple-Syndrome is more powerful than we like to expect.

Although OLEDs are in no way a threat to the outlook of LED technology, they may have advantages in another perspective of efficiency, namely in areas, products and innovations where design is the crucial factor. The classic proof of this is the latest talk about the new Google Glass or even the iWatch which is soon to be released by Apple. In these gadgets and upcoming design-tech-trends, we can expect to see more and more of the organic LED technology and surely, they will be able to create technology beyond our imagination due to its advanced, high-tech and adaptable set up.

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